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Hollyday cards was created by Holly Apap, a senior marketing major at the University of Connecticut. Our goal is to provide users with unique greeting cards in a free and downloadable format, designed for easy printing.

Have you ever had these thoughts?

“I don’t have 30 minutes to waste at the store trying to find the right card.”
“I hate spending $5 on a card that will just end up in the trash.”
“I wish I could print a free greeting card from the comfort of my own home.”
“I can never find greeting cards online without having to pay or create an account.”

Have you ever needed a card at the last minute, just to find that the appealing ones at the grocery store cost more than you want to spend?


Don’t fall victim to the common misconception that spending more on a card is equivalent to displaying a greater amount of love and appreciation. Remember: most of them end up in the trash.

Come get yours for free! Now introducing hollyday cards!